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News You Can Use

In recent news, there has been multiple media reports of compromises to debit cards and subsequent fraud. In an effort to proactively mitigate this fraud, Centennial Bank's card monitoring team will contact all clients who make purchases in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Georgia.  Also, at grocery stores in California, as well as grocery stores and pharmacies in Illinois where the fraud has been concentrated. To authorize transactions taking place in these areas, simply select the Debit option at checkout and enter your PIN number.  If you are planning to travel and will be using your debit card, please contact your local banking office, or telephone us at 303-680-1600 or toll free 1-866-569-3633.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Centennial Bank's VISA® debit card:

Does my Visa Debit card have security protections?


  • Centennial Bank's liability protection, protects you from unauthorized charges. Any funds taken from your account due to fraudulent use will be returned to you. See account terms and conditions for details.
  • Continuous fraud monitoring to detect suspicious activity on your debit card. You may be contacted by a Fraud Analyst to inquire on charges outside of your normal spending patterns. This will be a person and not an automated system.
  • A 3-digit security code to verify your identity for Internet and phone purchases.

What happens if someone steals my Visa Debit card and uses it fraudulently?

  • If your Visa Debit card is lost or stolen and fraudulent activity occurs, you are protected. Whether purchases occur online or off, you pay nothing for fraudulent activity. See account terms and conditions for details.
  • If you notice fraudulent activity on your Visa Debit card, promptly contact your financial institution to report it. It is important to continually monitor your monthly statement to identify any unauthorized transactions.

What else can I do to protect myself from fraud losses?

  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact your financial institution immediately at 303-680-1600 or toll free 1-866-569-3633. This reduces your liability if fraud losses have occurred.

More information on your VISA® branded, Centennial Bank consumer debit card can be found here.

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